Virtual Classes

Need a deadline, with a proven screenwriting instructor pushing you to complete your script, polish it, and get it production-ready?
For many clients, this is the perfect solution to radically increase productivity and meet either self-imposed or contest/fellowship/producer-driven deadlines. Want to do this on your own but can't make it to to one of the NYC workshops? Here's another option.

This is perfect whether you're working on a TV pilot, feature script, short film screenplay, fellowship application, outline/synopsis/treatment, show bible, or webseries.

Here's how the virtual class works:

1. Homework
A specific homework assignment, based on your unique project, is due by a specific time and day every week for 8 weeks. You'll be pushed and challenged, while having to meet doable but challenging deadlines.

2. Personalized Audio Notes
Within 48 hours after your homework was received, you'll get back Timothy's tried-and-true audio notes15-20 minutes of totally customized notes on your specific project (in MP3 format) per week. At the end of the notes, I give you your new homework assignment for the week.

3. Questions Answered by Email
During the week, communicate directly with Timothy with questions on your homework, from general to ultra-specific. I'll answer them within 24 hours—like you have a personal coach by your side!

4. Classes are 8 weeks long.
At the end of the 8 weeks, you'll have made substantial progress on your script, seeing far greater progress than you ever thought possible—with the encouragement and push of an experienced writer/director/script coach.

Start Your Virtual Class Today

Once you've selected the appropriate services and paid via the PayPal buttons below, please email the following (in PDF format) to
  • As much material as you have ready for your project, including logline, synopsis/treatment/summary, existing script pages, character outlines, etc.
  • If you're not sure which project you'd like to focus on, simply send in a brief description of each of your top 3 ideas.
  • Please also include a brief mention of your writing background and your overall goal for what you'd like to have completed by the end of the 8-week class. ​​
8-Week Virtual Class
Personalized audio notes and custom homework assignment each week. Questions answered by email too!