Sydney M.

"Timothy is my go-to sounding board for both feature and TV scripts. He understands the craft completely, and brings an addictive excitement to the table. He has the uncanny ability to hone in on a story's weak points (you know: the ones you know are there, but hope nobody will notice). But instead of simply critiquing, Timothy is down to tackle these problems together until a solution is found.

After brainstorming with Timothy, I can never wait to start my next draft!"

Jen S.

"Every serious screenwriter should do a Blueprint workshop. Timothy is an awesome collaborator whose keen dramatic sense and flair for concept is irreplaceable when trying to nail a hook or tighten a scene. And while his command over the conventions of character and screenwriting is top-notch, his application of them is always inventive and fresh.

His enthusiasm for storytelling is infectious, and you will surely come away from any conversation with him inspired and ready to work."

Evan D.

"What Timothy and Blueprint have taught me is that there is so much power in collaboration. Even if you're the sole author, the power of discussion, dissection, and professional feedback is invaluable.

Timothy surrounded me with ambitious, like-minded writers who forced me to dig deeper into my story and my characters, break down old clichés that slip subconsciously into my writing, and challenge myself to redefine genres.

His insight has been far more influential than any book on screenwriting I've read."

Derek B.

"At Blueprint, the feedback you get on your scripts and pitches is outstanding. Timothy knows story structure and character and—when it comes to comedy—where the funny is.

I've paid several different consultants for feedback, and Timothy has always spotted vital script problems that nobody else has. Plus, he's extremely clear when explaining each of his points."

Lisa D. 

"Timothy is an amazing instructor. He demystifies the process by providing clear practical steps to building a well-crafted, original story. At the same time, he respects and nurtures each writer's authentic voice, and inspires you to work through any obstacles along the way.

Timothy fosters a group environment that is nonjudgmental, supportive, and fun, where fellow writers share ideas and give constructive feedback. Coming from a comedy background, I knew how to craft a joke, but had no idea how to turn a premise into a living, breathing screenplay—until Blueprint."

Blue B.

"Blueprint is great because Timothy is an excellent group leader. With his wealth of experience in analyzing scripts for film and theater, he always has insights and suggestions that amaze and delight me. He encourages us to discuss each others’ work freely, and to explore and experiment with ideas. Plus, our weekly readings of successful commercial scripts really helps to reveal elements that work or don’t work, and why.

Timothy’s feedback is always encouraging and inspiring—but he also always makes sure we never lose sight of structure and pacing in our scripts. Best of all, he always urges us to take a good idea and push it farther, making it stronger and more interesting."

Alex S. 

"If you need to take your writing skills to the next level, working with Timothy is a quick, cost-effective, and fun way to do it. In just a few sessions, he helped me move from huge, silly, comedic premises to grounded, equally funny work. I absolutely recommend his services."